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In a world where termites are not always visible and live in our walls and furniture, a creative approach to extermination is required.

A nest of termites or a thriving termite colony reproduces only thanks to one factor: The Queen! The moment you cut the colony life source (exterminate or take the life of the single termite queen) is the moment the phenomenon ends.

Termite gel is an ideal bait and source of moisture to attract termites optimally! It is specially developed as a source for “high-quality food” ; the colony leads inside the nest and feeds the queen.

Not less important, it prevents the need for drilling or the use of a conventional pesticide that requires a long treatment time, pollutes the soil and environment, and therefore requires significant resources and extra costs.

Termite Inspection and Treatment 

In most cases, locating mud tubes made by "termite workers'' when they move and deliver food to the colony and queen is a simple job. You definitely don't need a pest control expert for that. You can easily do it yourself and save time and unnecessary expense!

Treatment is also simple and intuitive. It starts the moment an active mud tube is located. Similar to ants activity, termites will come up from the ground level. It is recommended to look for mud marks made by termites on walls, around openings and frames, in the corners of the floor, check the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, stairs, wooden furniture and house structures or in any shady and dark place.

Few Termite Gel drops can make a big difference (depending on the colony size). If the activity in the mud tubes continues after 24-48 hours the  spot treatment should be continued until no more movement or activity is observed.

Allow Our Exclusive Termite Gel Bait To Save You Time And Money - DIY And Very Easy To Use - Together We will Do The Job and Terminate The Problem!

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