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Innovative and professional reusable fly trap for outdoors PLUS Exclusive Bait! A winning product by professional Flies & Insects Exterminators community!

Optimal fly trap for stinging and annoying flies. House fly, green fly, fruit fly, horse fly and many other insects and wasps!

NEW Design Separating trapped flies from the bait container, the fly is quickly dry out and not get wet in the liquid bait - NO bad odors!

A Unique Fly Entry Cover allows flies/insects a quick enter and prevents it from falling into the liquid bait container! Very Easy To Clean and Reuse!

No more flies around. Optimal mid-large fly trap for garden and outdoors, use around barns, yards, pools, farming areas, stables and everywhere you find flies.

GET 2 FREE bags of professional fly bait inside! (1.76oz each)

Very High flies capture capacity up to 100,000 flies!

Suitable for hanging or laying on a flat surfaces 

For Best Results Better to Place in sunny or semi shaded areas.

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