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Interesting Facts About Termites

Jul 09, 2022

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Interesting Facts About Termites

Termites are not just wood eaters!

Termites are not just wood eaters; they will eat anything that has cellulose in it. Everything in the plant world has cellulose in every part of the plants. What does this tell us about how termites spread out?

If you have plants in your yard, this is to the benefit of the termites to come closer to your house. Many other things contain cellulose; cardboard cartons, newspapers, books, clothing, etc.

Termites do not see objects; they see light.

Add to the fact that the termites work in the darkness; their eyes are not used for seeing. Their eyes can see light. Even though their eyes are not used for seeing things for regular daily use, their eyes help them stay in the dark, closed, and dry places where they work. This is necessary for their colony to prevent from getting dry and contaminated or caught. The termite workers build a tube-like network. This tube-like system is a definite sign of their presence outside of the ground. These tube-like pipes can be seen on floor tiles, walls, closets, furniture, etc.

There are three types of termites.

There are dry wood termites, moist wood termites, and underground termites. The underground termites are responsible for most of the damage. Their yearly damage in the USA alone comes to billions of dollars.

The Queen of the termites can live 20 years or more.

Most insects have short life spans. On the other hand, termites and especially the queen can live for more than 20 years. This means that if you found termite activity they will not just go away, in fact, the opposite is correct. They will continue to enlarge their colony and make more colonies. The destruction of your home will only get worse. One queen can create 25,000 eggs daily.  In her lifetime she will create more than 100 million potential termites which are the creation of one colony.

The termite colony multiplies itself. The termites do not remain in one colony for long. Every year, sometimes twice a year, termites with wings leave the colony flying into the air to find a new place to build a fresh colony. These winged termites are going to be the new queens and kings. There will be new colonies that may attack other homes or buildings in the area.

Colony Members

A colony consists of a king, queen, larva, nymphs, males, females, and worker soldiers. Only the workers eat wood, the rest of the colony receives their food through a method called trophallaxis. They do this by feeding from mouth to mouth. This is a process of sharing their food and liquids from termite to termite. The workers bring the wood that your home consists of to the entire colony.


Cellulose is the main source of the termite’s diet. They will make their next meal from anything containing cellulose, whether in your home or yard. Termites do damage, hidden from our eyes, without us being aware of the damage incurred.  This fact makes them a great danger to your property. As time goes on, left untreated, the damage incurred becomes even more costly. In hundreds of recorded cases, the damage will add danger. It may be furniture collapsing, roofing, and ceiling collapsing, kitchen closets, bookshelves, children’s furniture, staircases, etc. bringing danger to you and your family. For this reason, it is important to treat the termite problem before it is too late.

Why is TERMITGEL the Best Solution ever invented?

There are several solutions to exterminate termites. The first and most common and costly method is drilling holes in the wall or floor of your house, digging a trench around your home, then injecting or spraying dangerous liquids, making a barrier between your home and the termite colonies.

Disadvantages: It’s very expensive, causes damage by weakening the structure of your house, and damages your property outside your home. Does not necessarily solve your termite problem since it ONLY destroys the termites in contact with the poisons.

The second solution is: Have an exterminator spread out bait. A professional exterminator will place bait in and outside your home, waiting for the termites will reach the various spots. When the termites reach these locations, the exterminator will poison them and then hope that some of the termites reach the colony to poison the queen.

Advantages: Helps treat the source of the problem by using less dangerous poisons and pesticides. 

Disadvantages: Expensive since this treatment demands having a professional exterminator perform the procedure.

Introducing a revolutionary and patented new product of the Shield Company, called TERMITGEL. This new treatment consists of a gel that is poisonous to termites alone. It is used in places of termite activity, where termites consider the gel as food. The termites do not know that for them it is a poison.

The Advantage of this treatment is that it can be done by anyone, without the need of a professional, has very weak poison, and delivers results. In most cases, you have exterminated the termite problem in 48 hours. All this at a fraction of the price.

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