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Beating Termite Takeover For 150$

Apr 05, 2022

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Beating Termite Takeover For 150$

My name is Dave Watkins, I live in New Jersey since the day I was born.

My wife and I always looked for the Cabin feel so 8 years ago, we completed building our beautiful home with the hope of living out our retirement years in tranquility. Our new home had so many wood elements, beams, floorboards, studs, and frames...  

An attack by termites was the last thing on my list of worries.  Termites, as you know are a terrible problem, which is hard to get rid of and usually come with huge unnecessary expenses!

Termites mud marks

In the beginning, we noticed some mud tubes in different places which we didn’t pay too much attention to.  Then we heard a strange noise from our kitchen- sort of like a creaking.

To our dismay, we found the doors of one of our kitchen cabinets devoured by these awful wood eaters. When I opened a living room window, bits of wood fell on me. (Eventually, I understood that this was the excretions of digested wood after the termites digested the cellulose! Yuk!)

We decided to put an end to the termite problem immediately and like everyone we checked for Termite Inspection company in order to get the best service and offer from a local termite exterminator, a specialist in exterminating termites.

The guy came, inspected all our property, and told us the worst news possible "everything wooden in your house was infested with termites!"

When we asked what was involved in solving our problem he explained that the solution was to drill holes around the entire house every 14 inches and to fill the holes with poison. He quoted the job of this treatment for $4,500 $$$

I was so surprised by the fee and the required work so we decided to try another exterminator and termite inspection company, that used a different method. They offered us spread bait around the house. When we understood that this is a yearly payment plan and the money would just add up. Also, both solutions from the ‘experts’ involved having poison around our house which made us very nervous when the grandkids visited and our pets around. We also didn’t like that neither of the 'professionals' would give us a real guarantee.

One of our friends, who heard of our termite problem told us that they used a product called Termitgel. After learning about this easy system of treatment, reasonable price as well as the money-back guarantee offered by the SHIELD company we had the confidence to give Termite gel a try.

We ordered online Termitgel, followed the simple DIY instructions, and did exactly as advised clearly on the packaging. After 48 hours, there was no more termite activity. You cannot imagine our surprise!  

Today, after three months of using Termitgel, we can confidently say that the treatment totally eradicated all termite activity in our home, and we were able to resume our normal lives…Termite Free! 

I know that Mother Nature always has surprises for us homeowners, but if we ever have termites again the solution will be Termitgel.  

I hope this letter is helpful to convince more people like me to try the easiest and most cost-effective termite treatment ever invented. Thank you Termitgelyou saved my house!

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